What highlight sources does Readwise support?

Readwise supports importing highlights from a variety of reading platforms, including:

Amazon Kindle Sync automatically using the Readwise browser extension.
Kindle Clippings Sync manually by uploading your Kindle device's My Clippints.txt file: How do I import My Clippings.txt to Readwise?
OCR (in the mobile app) Use your mobile device's camera to scan text from physical books.
Instapaper Sync automatically via our Instapaper integration.
Pocket Sync automatically via our Pocket integration.
Apple Books Sync manually using our downloadable Mac tool or by sharing from your mobile device.
Twitter Save Tweets and Twitter threads via our Twitter integration.
Medium Sync automatically via our Medium integration.
Hypothes.is Sync automatically via our Hypothes.is integration.
Goodreads Import books from your Read shelf as Supplemental Books.
Email Import Email files to your Readwise account to import highlights.
Bulk Import Import highlights in bulk by uploading a CSV file.
Freeform Input Manually enter new highlights with direct text input.
PDF Import Import highlights from annotated PDF files.
Feedly Sync automatically via our Feedly integration.
Inoreader Sync automatically via our Inoreader integration.
Google Play Books Import annotations from your Google Play Books via Google Docs.
Moon+ Reader Automatically sync new highlights via our Moon+ Reader integration.
Refind Sync automatically via our Refind integration.
Snipd Automatically import podcast highlights via our Snipd integration.
Upnext Sync automatically via our Upnext integration.

Once you've signed up for a Readwise account, just head to the Import link on your Dashboard to import your highlights. 

We're constantly adding more integrations! To learn more or request a new source, feel free to reach out to us at hello@readwise.io :)