How do I capture highlights from web articles into Readwise?

There are a few ways you can capture highlights from web articles into Readwise.

Read-It-Later Apps

First, you can use a "read-it-later" app such as Instapaper or Pocket and integrate that app with your Readwise account. As the name would suggest, read-it-later means you save articles you come across on the internet to read later within the app. This is our recommended approach to reading and highlighting web articles because nearly all such read-it-later apps (1) clean up the article to make the reading experience more enjoyable, (2) include highlighting and annotating features, and (3) automatically sync with Readwise with no effort on your part. In other words, highlights you take in Instapaper or Pocket will automatically be synchronized with Readwise.

You can read more about our philosophy of using a read-it-later app here: Stop Reading Junk and Start Using Instapaper.

Save Highlight to Readwise

Second, if you're reading something in Chrome/Firefox with the Readwise extension installed ( Install for Chrome) (Install for Firefox), you can quickly capture a highlight to Readwise by highlighting the desired text, right-clicking, and selecting Save Highlight to Readwise. This highlight will then appear inside an Article on your Readwise Dashboard.

Web Clippers

Third, you can use one of many "web clipper" apps such as or Liner. These apps install an extension in your browser enabling you to highlight things as you go. If you wish to use a web clipper, we recommend because Readwise can directly integrate with the service and sync with no effort on your part. If you use Liner, you will need to periodically export your highlights to a CSV and then email those to [email protected]