How do I import My Clippings.txt to Readwise?

While many of your Kindle highlights can be imported using the Readwise browser extension, there are some exceptions. Most notably, the extension won't be able to import any highlights taken on documents not purchased from Amazon (i.e. sideloaded/emailed files). To get those highlights into your Readwise account, you'll need to use the My Clippings.txt file.

There are two ways to import your My Clippings.txt file, but before you can do either, you'll need to retrieve the file from your Kindle device.

To do so, plug your Kindle and locate the My Clippings.txt file as shown below:

Once you've retrieved the file, you can import it to Readwise in one of the following ways:

  1. Email the file as an attachment to The file will automatically be processed and imported into your account.
  2. Upload the file via the dashboard > Import > My Clippings.txt.

Readwise has advanced duplication detection, so don't worry about deleting previously imported highlights from the My Clippings.txt file.