Can I extract Audible clippings somehow?

Audible doesn't make it possible to extract bookmarks or clips through the cloud, so there's currently no way for us to make use of this data. We're keeping a close eye on things, however!

In the meantime, you can add your Audible books into the Supplemental Books section to get the most popular highlights here -->

Alternatively, some of our users use the following method to export their Audible highlights into Readwise:

WhisperSync for Voice

Audible is owned by Amazon, so books with WhisperSync for Voice enabled will sync your reading location between the Audible and Kindle versions of your book. This makes it easy to make a highlight in your Kindle version while listening to the Audible version.

When you hear something you'd like to highlight, just pause Audible and open the Kindle app on your device. The Kindle app will automatically sync to the location of your Audible book.

Then, simply highlight the section you want in the Kindle app and return to listening in Audible.