Why is my Daily Review empty? What is the Highlight Quality Filter?

The Highlight Quality Filter is a feature that checks for "low quality" highlights, such as sentence fragments, and blocks them from being included in Daily Reviews. It's enabled by default, but there may be some instances where you might prefer to turn it off.

For example, some users (especially those whose highlights are primarily in character-based writing systems such as Hanzi or Kanji) might see an error on their Daily Review page that says: "This review doesn't have any highlights anymore: perhaps you deleted or changed them since it was created?"

This can happen because the quality filter is mistaking shorter sentences (containing a smaller number of characters than expected) as fragments and hiding them.

Note: This message can also appear if you don't have any highlights available to review. If you're low on highlights in your account, check out our many import options or try adding some Supplemental Books to your library!

To turn off the Highlight Quality Filter, go to the account menu, click Configure Reviews, then select the Review Settings tab. The Highlight Quality Filter is the last option on the page.