How does the Readwise to RemNote export integration work?

To get started with syncing your highlights to RemNote, select the RemNote option from Export Highlights on your Readwise Dashboard.

When you first sync to RemNote, Readwise will by default limit the export to your most recent 10 items (i.e., books, articles, tweets, etc), to give you a feel how the integration works. Once you've confirmed everything is working to your liking, you can then go back and select all of your items for syncing. 

Here's a preview of an exported book page:

What happens when I take new highlights? Will those automatically sync with RemNote?

Yes! Whenever you import a new highlight into Readwise, it will be automatically synced with RemNote by default without you needing to do anything. If the highlight is from a  new book, article, or Twitter account, a new page in a Readwise folder in RemNote will be made. If the highlight is from an existing book, article, or Twitter account, the highlight will be appended to the bottom of the existing page. Because the Readwise integration is append-only, nothing in RemNote will ever be overwritten.

Note: Certain services such as Amazon Kindle, Instapaper, and Pocket only synchronize with Readwise a few times a day. For this reason, the highlight may not immediately appear in either Readwise or RemNote. If you need to sync sooner, you should first force a manual resync in Readwise (from the Add Highlights section of the Readwise Dashboard) and then initiate a sync in RemNote.

What happens when I update highlights in Readwise? Will those changes automatically sync with RemNote? (Or vice versa?)

At the moment, no. Even with an API, it is still technically challenging to search through existing notes for the right highlight and update that text. We hope to enable bidirectional syncing across all note-taking apps at some point in the future!

Can I rename the file of a book, article, or Twitter page in RemNote?

Currently, you  can rename a page generated by Readwise, but if you do and then add new highlights to that book/article, the Readwise integration will create a second page using the original title for new highlights. So we recommend not changing the title for now, or only doing so after you're done reading a piece!

Can I edit the text of a book, article, or Twitter page in RemNote?

Yes! You can edit the text of a page as you wish and the Readwise integration will not overwrite any changes you make. New highlights will be appended to the bottom of the page.

How do I reset the export of my whole library or an individual document to start fresh?

If you ever want to "reset" the Readwise integration to RemNote and perform a fresh resync, then all you need to do is delete the Readwise folder from within RemNote. On the next sync attempt, Readwise will detect that the notes were deleted within RemNote and run a fresh sync of all of your selected books/articles!

Can I customize the default how my notes are formatted in RemNote?

Absolutely! See How can I customize the Readwise to RemNote Export? for how to customize the note's title, metadata, headers, and sync notifications.

Where does the Location link after each Kindle highlight take me?

If you have the Kindle app installed on your desktop, clicking the Location link will launch the Kindle app and jump you to the highlight in the book. More on those links here: Can I jump to a highlight directly in the Kindle app?