Can I jump to a highlight directly in the Kindle app?

Yes! If you're using Readwise on a desktop, you can jump directly to the highlight in the Kindle app for more context, provided you have the Kindle app installed on your machine. All you need to do is click the downward chevron in the top right corner of each highlight and select View in Kindle Desktop, as shown below.


  • The newest Kindle app broke the location links, and not just for us—the location links at won't open in the new app either.
    • Mac: Previously, the workaround for this was to download the Kindle Classic App, but it seems that app has been removed from the App Store. If you still have the Classic app installed, you should still be able to use the location links, but otherwise you'll have to manually locate the highlight within the book.
    • Windows: As of right now, clicking the "Download for PC & Mac" button on the Kindle app download page while using Windows will allow you to download the Classic app, which does still work with the location links.
  • This feature doesn't currently work on mobile because the Kindle mobile apps don't allow for "deeplinking" the same way the desktop app does.
  • There is a limitation with the desktop Kindle app where you can only jump to a highlight's location if the Kindle app is closed. If the app is already open, you'll need to close it before trying to jump to a new location from Readwise.