How can I create custom reviews of highlights (Themed Reviews)?

While you can customize which documents are included in your Daily Review using the Configure Reviews tab, you can also create customized reviews for specific topics using our Themed Reviews feature.

Using Themed Reviews, you can build sets of highlights based on any combination of books, articles, tweets, notes, and tags, separate from your Daily Review. You can also optimize when your Themed Review is delivered — whether that be on specific days of the week or even just once a month. 

You can access the feature by scrolling to the bottom of your Dashboard and selecting Themed Reviews.

The most obvious application of Themed Reviews is to create stacks of topically related highlights, such as “Spirituality” or “Crypto.” 

But the possibilities for Themed Reviews go far beyond subject-based reviews and mastery. You can use Themed Reviews to learn new skills and concepts, spark connections, think through hard problems, and even fuel a writing practice. 

Because this feature is so flexible, we created a video explaining some of the many ways it can be used: