Can I customize how often books and articles appear in my Daily Review?

From your account settings

You can customize how often any document (or document type) appears in your Daily Review by editing your Frequency Tuning (Account > Configure Reviews > Frequency Tuning).

  1. Select a source type to adjust, e.g. books, articles, podcasts, supplemental books, etc.
  2. Edit the frequency of all documents from that source type.
  3. Edit the frequency of individual documents.

From your Library

You can adjust the frequency of any individual document from your Library by clicking the down arrow to the far right of the item in the list.

From your Daily Review

You can adjust the frequency of a document when it appears in your Daily Review by clicking into the down arrow menu in the top right of the card.

How does the algorithm work?

If you have 500 total highlights in your account and a single document contains 100 highlights, there's a 20% change your Daily Review will contain a highlight from that book. Meanwhile, a document with only 5 highlights would have a 1% chance of appearing. For this reason, you may want to tune down a document with many highlights and/or tune up a document with only a few. It’s not uncommon for users to need to tweak their settings a few times before getting it to their preferred preferences.

Each time a highlight is shown, its probability of resurfacing is significantly decreased. So, while it's possible that you might see the same highlight twice in rapid succession before having seen all your highlights at least once, it would be fairly unlikely!