Does Readwise have a public roadmap?

We are still a small, nimble software company in an emerging space, so our roadmap is rather fluid. However, here's a short list of features we're working on or intend to work on soon:

  • Sync your highlights to Notion, automatically (shipped 🚢)
  • Sync your highlights to Roam, automatically (shipped 🚢)
  • Filter which highlights are synced with Evernote, Notion, & Roam (shipped 🚢)
  • Android app 🤖 (shipped 🚢)
  • Support for PDF highlights (shipped 🚢)
  • Branding & aesthetic overhaul (shipped 🚢)
  • Help desk & FAQ (shipped 🚢)
  • More flexible "theming" of Daily Reviews (shipped 🚢)
  • Significantly more import sources! (Google Play Books, Feedly, O'Reilly Learning, Airr for podcasts all shipped 🚢)
  • Readwise "stats" and upgraded streaks (shipped 🚢)
  • Title, author, and book cover editing (shipped 🚢)
  • Book cover editing (shipped 🚢)
  • Significantly faster syncing of all import and export sources (shipped 🚢)
  • iOS 14 widget (shipped 🚢)
  • Upgraded textshots with aesthetic gradient and colors (shipped 🚢)

As always, feel free to reach out any time to if there's a feature you'd like to request.