How do I whitelist a new email address so I can send documents to my Readwise account?

You can import certain documents (such as My Clippings.txt, Apple Books HTML exports, PDFs, and more) to your Readwise account by sending an email to with the document attached. This will import the highlights from the documents.

You can also use your Feed and Library custom email addresses to forward emails to your Reader account. This will import the full document, without highlights.

In both of these scenarios, the emails must be coming from addresses that are whitelisted in your account. This ensures that the documents and highlights you send are connected to your Readwise account and can be uploaded properly.

When you create your Readwise account, the email address you use to sign up will automatically be added as a whitelisted email. To add additional emails, go to and scroll down to the Associated Email Addresses section.

  1. Add new email address: To add a new email, enter it into this field and click the “Add” button.
  2. Make primary: This will be listed next to any email that is not currently the primary email, i.e. the email you use to log in and receive Daily Digests. 
  3. Remove: This allows you to remove the email from your whitelisted addresses.

Once you have added an email to this list, you’ll be able to send and forward documents to your Readwise account using the associated email account.