How to set up the Readwise Discord bot

The Readwise Discord bot enables server members to easily save messages—including links, images, and even threaded conversations—to their Readwise Library to review later. 

Additionally, this bot will generate a sleek, auto-updating RSS feed of links shared in the server, allowing members to stay up-to-date on the biggest convos of the week and easily jump back into the server to discuss.  This bot is 100% free and requires no Readwise subscription to enjoy. 

➡️ See this guide on how server members can enjoy the bot.

What server permissions does the bot need to be enabled?

In order to properly function, the Readwise Discord Bot requires all the following permissions:

Installing the Bot in Your Server 

Head to to install the Readwise bot on your server.  Follow the setup instructions via Discord DMs to get started.

Setting Up Your Server's RSS Feed

By default, the Readwise bot will index the past 50 links per public channel and add them to your RSS feed. If you want links shared in private channels to be indexed in your RSS feed, you can add the bot to those channels either by assigning the bot an additional server role with access to those private channels OR right-clicking on the private channel, clicking Edit Channel, navigating to Permissions, and adding the bot as a member.

Rejecting Links

The Readwise bot will automatically create two new channels in your server called #accepted-links and #rejected-links.

If you spot a link in your server that you don't want indexed in your RSS feed, simply navigate to #accepted-links, locate the link, and react ❌ to reject it one time from the feed.

Excluding Certain Domains From Your RSS Feed

If you want to exclude links from a specific domain entirely, follow the rejection steps above, and then react ⛔️ under the confirmation message to automatically reject links from that domain going forward.

If you ever want to make an exception to this rule, you can locate the link in #rejected-links and react with ✅ to include it in your feed.

How to get help, send feedback, or report bugs

The best way to contact us is by emailing Our Twitter account is very noisy so we’re likely to miss you if you tweet at us.