How do updates to an exported page work? How can I refresh an exported page?

If you add new highlights to a document that has already been exported to a note-taking app (such as Evernote, Notion, Roam, etc.), the new highlights will be appended to the end of the note in your respective app.

If you edit highlights (or add notes/tags) in Readwise to highlights that have already been exported, those changes will not propagate to your note-taking app. We hope to support this eventually as the note-taking APIs improve, but until then, you'll need to use our refresh feature to re-export the modified note. It works this way to ensure that none of your notes are accidentally overwritten.

  1. Go to your note-taking app, and delete the existing page for the document you want to refresh.
  2. Go to the Readwise Export Preferences for your note-taking app of choice.
  3. Toggle on Select Items to be Exported.
  4. Click the refresh icon to the right of the document you'd like to re-sync:
  5. Finally, trigger a new export via the Start button at the top of the page (for apps like Notion or Evernote) or from within the target app (for apps like Obsidian or LogSeq). The latest version of all of your highlights/notes/tags for that book will then be synced fresh!