How do updates to an exported page work? How can I refresh an exported page?

If you add new highlights to a book/article which has already been exported to a note-taking app (such as Evernote, Notion, Roam), the new highlights will be appended to the end of the note in your respective app.

If you edit highlights (or add notes/tags) in Readwise to highlights that have already been exported, those changes will not propagate to your note-taking app. We hope to support this eventually as the note-taking APIs improve, but until then, you'll need to use our refresh feature to re-export the modified note. It works this way to ensure that none of your notes are accidentally overwritten.

  1. Go to your note-taking app, and delete the existing page for the book/article you want to refresh.
  2. Go to your Readwise Export Preferences for your note-taking app of choice
  3. Enable the setting for "Only export books/articles I have selected"
  4. Hit the refresh icon on the book/article you want to refresh:
  5. Finally, kick off another export. The latest version of all of your highlights/notes/tags for that book will now be synced fresh!