How do updates to an exported page work? How can I refresh an exported page?

First and foremost, if you add new highlights to a book/article which has already been exported to a note-taking app (such as Evernote, Notion, Roam), that will be no problem. The new highlights will be appended to the end of your note.

However, if you edit highlights (or add a note/tag) which have already been exported, that change will not propagate to the note-taking app. We do plan to add support for this soon, but in the mean time if you'd like to get the latest updates in your note-taking app, you can simply use our refresh feature!

  1. Go to your note-taking app, and delete the existing page for the book/article you want to refresh.
  2. Go to your Readwise Export Preferences for your note-taking app of choice
  3. Enable the setting for "Only export books/articles I have selected"
  4. Hit the refresh icon on the book/article you want to refresh:
  5. Finally, kick off another export. The latest version of all of your highlights/notes/tags for that book will now be synced fresh!