How do I save highlights from the podcasts I listen to using Airr?

*NOTE: We used to support Airr, but it looks like they phased out the app and removed it from App Store as well.

We do have an integration with another podcast app that you can use with Readwise though:

Snipd — How do I import highlights from Snipd?

Airr is a podcast app which makes it easy to save quotes from a podcast as you're listening to it.

We've teamed up with Airr to allow you to save the best snippets from your podcasts directly (and automatically) into Readwise!

To set it up:

  1. Download the Airr app from the App Store (iOS only.. for now!)
  2. Select the Library icon in bottom tray > Settings icon on the top right corner > Readwise > copy/paste your Readwise access token into Airr as described in the app:

That's it! Now, whenever you take an AirrQuote in the Airr app, you'll automatically have that snippet (with a link to play the audio in Airr, your caption, and a transcript of the quote if available) saved to Readwise... here's what it looks like: